About Us

All Natural Artisan is passionate about providing you the highest quality botanicals, teas, seeds, live plants, and kava varieties with a strong focus on revolutionary new kratom extracted products. All of our products are naturally sourced in an environmentally friendly way. Our goal is to curate the highest quality goods that the earth has to offer for the best price.

Whether you are a retail customer looking for some much needed clarity on the alkaloid content of your kratom, a new online retailer, or a large wholesaler we have you covered. We pride ourselves on transparency and pushing the industry bar forward. We were one of the earliest companies to implement full lab testing and are one of the few posting alkaloid content of each batch, eliminated the guess work.

Our research and development has been a major area of focus for us. We have developed revolutionary new products that fit a wide variety of applications. We have assisted many companies with next generation formulations. We have also learned a tremendous amount about the kratom tree, the environment around it and what triggers the highest alkaloid production.