Announcements and Sales Coupons

Announcements and Sales Coupons (COVID-19 Protocol Below)


We caught some breaks with fast shipment clearance and had a breakthrough in plant processing that we believe results in the best quality and consistency available. Naturally we will always pass our savings on to you. Please enjoy our largest sale yet and our never ending quest to provide better and better products. To our friends and plant family struggling with natural disasters, illness, and economic hardships: We wish you a speedy recovery and to emerge more healthy and prosperous than ever


Status: Open and Processing Orders (We will update this section frequently to keep you informed, feel free to email at any time)

Current Processing Times: Same Day (Payments received by 11am EST)

Shipping Days: Monday-Friday

COVID-19 Safety Protocol

  1.  We have compartmentalized the packing room to keep the bare minimum number of people handling the order (1-2 team members max)
  2. Only essential team members will be allowed to enter the warehouse
  3. All team members are to continue to use our normal protective gear and to wash and/or sanitize hands regularly, frequently, and thoroughly
  4. We are processing orders out of our stockpile acquired before the outbreak existed
  5. Our Premium Kratom strains are Certified Sterilized in the USA
  6. Entire warehouse to be sanitized before and after every shift
  7. If a team member develops even the slightest hint of a symptom (one sniffle, one cough, one fever, one chill) they will be placed on paid leave. We believe this creates another incentive for early reporting and all team members to be extra vigilant
  8. We will be using specific post offices that present less of a threat and will be delivering to the post office on off hours
  9. All team members are encouraged to avoid any contact with unnecessary persons during both work and off work hours
  10. We will be closely monitoring the latest news and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

**Large wholesale catalogue, please email us if you do not see the specific botanical product you need. Chances are we have it! 🙂**

– The Artisan

If you prefer alternative payment methods please contact us at or or support@allnaturalartisan.

I will keep increasing the kratom inventory as well as add new botanical products to the retail side as soon as we fully adjust to the increased order volume. We have these products in stock, but not listed. Please email us for purchasing details. Wholesale discounts available.

– The Artisan