Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions or Potentially Asked Questions 🙂

(Please email us if you have any questions at all. The Artisan is very friendly)

Q: Why do you only have 4-5 varieties of plain leaf kratom listed?

A: The 4-5 varieties listed have been the most popular. The Artisan wants to offer the most tried and true for your convenience, but we always have other great varieties available. So please feel free to ask if there is something else you need 🙂

Q: Is your Kratom lab tested for contamination?

A: Yes, all of All Natural Artisan’s Kratom is tested for pathogen contaminations. ( examples include Salmonella and E. coli) This is so important to the Artisan, that not only is every strain tested from every batch, but every single 20 and 25 kg block has full lab report before being packaged for sale

Q: Why is the usual credit card processor or amazon pay feature currently unavailable?

A:  Amazon terminated our merchant account for selling kratom, which they recently banned. As you may know there is a political war against kratom. With all the money being spent, the anti-kratom lobby has had nearly all of their illegalization attempts shot down by the scientific and kratom community. After these losses, they lobbied Visa and Mastercard directly to put kratom vendors in the most restricted categories of merchants. This made it nearly impossible to process credit card payments for kratom without using an unregulated overseas bank. We have access to one of the few domestic options, where we fully disclose that we sell kratom. Because of this we pay an extremely large percentage of our revenue to the processing company and we must deal with temporary downtimes. However, customer security is top priority so we will never use overseas processors or processors/apps that are not secure and reputable to process your payment.

Q: Do you accept credit or debit cards?

A: We do, but at the moment we must process credit/debit orders individually by email because we had to temporarily disconnect our built in credit card processor.  Please email us as soon as possible, and we will assist you. However, we do have the most secure and longest running eCheck processor. eChecks are the same as paper checks except they do not require a physical copy. It is like a bank transfer, but unlike a bank transfer you have just as much recourse for a dispute as a credit card. However, we never had a problem so if any issues do come up please email us and it will be resolved immediately. eCheck orders placed before noon pst ship out same day. Keeping our sterling reputation is extremely important to the Artisan.

Q: Do you do discounts for large/wholesale quantities?

A: Yes we do! We keep our products as cheap as possible with the highest possible quality, but when you order large quantities we save money in packaging,labor, and shipping costs which we will absolutely pass on to you. Contact for more details. We are also working on listing our wholesale catalogue in our wholesale section.

Q: I have or want to start a retail store or online shop and I would like to know what other products you sell and if you can work with me on price?

A: Absolutely, we have helped grown a lot of businesses. We believe deeply in the products we sell, the quality, and keeping prices as low as possible to help you steadily increase your order volume. We have a huge catalogue of kratom and hundreds of other botanicals, seeds, fungi, plants, cacti, incense, palo santo and other shamanic goods available at our wholesale warehouse.