Kratom Purchasing Guide

Kratom Purchasing Guide

Kratom Quality Guide

Artisan’s Select: Products that have the Artisan’s Select designation have been selected personally by the Artisan for outstanding quality, value, and/or for very rare or unique products. Ultra Micronized, Lab Tested, and Sterilized.

Premium: All of our products are sourced for quality, but product titles that begin with Premium have consistently displayed an exceptionally high quality over a long period of time (Generally one year or more of high sales with an abundance of positive feedback). Ultra Micronized, Lab Tested, and Sterilized.

Exclusive/Amber: Products only offered here on the All Natural Artisan retail site. Ultra Micronized, Lab Tested, and Sterilized.

Mid-grade: This is the common grade of M. speciosa that can be found at most smoke shops, online shops, and convenience stores. There is slightly less detail in the stem removal process resulting in an average to slightly low-average alkaloid content. (.7-1.1% MIT) Lab Tested

Kratom Color Guide

* Contrary to what many believe, the color of vein is not unique to the tree and kratom trees will typically express all of these color of veins throughout its life cycle. When a new leaf grows, it typically is Red and before changing to green and/or white. Kratom is not separated by vein color because the variation in alkaloids are not a result of the vein color. The White, Green, Red, and Yellow Vein Kratom we know and love is a result of the curing process, which results in a significantly different alkaloid profile from color to color

White Kratom: White kratom, sometimes referred to as “white vein”, refers to the curing process that increases mitragynines, often including 7-OH. Many people believe 7-OH is the alkaloid that is responsible for the qualities of red vein. It is our belief 7-OH does not play a significant role in kratom leaf powder due to the low concentration. White Kratom is known for the invigorating and energizing qualities people often report

Green Kratom: Green kratom is the classic well-rounded favorite of most kratom enthusiasts. It is carefully dried in dark drying rooms to preserve the color and alkaloid profile. This results in the closest kratom leaves to those picked freshly off a kratom tree. Green kratom has the reputation of an “anytime” kratom

Red Kratom: Red kratom is often described as the relieving and relaxing kratom. The curing process, which has been known to be in use since at least the 1970’s , increases the levels of some of the lesser known alkaloids in kratom that are believed to enhance the overall quality. As a result of this process, the mitragynine levels are lower than in Green or White kratom. Due to the conversion of mitragynine in the curing process, high mitragynine levels are not the best indicator of quality. We have recently expanded our alkaloid tests to 7 alkaloid panels, so you are able to decide which alkaloids you enjoy the most

Amber Kratom: Amber kratom is an All Natural Artisan original. The kratom is cured under proprietary lighting to provide a product that is similar to red kratom, but has its own unique qualities. With this technique we believe we are able to capture the relieving qualities of red, but allow for a more balanced and less heavy experience. Many in the kratom community have pointed out that Artisan Amber shines at any time of the day, and is an extremely useful variant to keep in the rotation

Kratom Variant Guide

Maeng Da: Maeng Da’s are some of the most popular variants in the kratom world. They are very consistent and often described as a happy, exciting, and social variant. Many report Maeng Da typically does not have a heavy or tired body load. It is very popular in the office, gym, and athletics facilities

Bali: Bali is the O.G. of kratom. When kratom first started arriving in America the boxes had markings of the port in Bali. Although it is not sourced on the island of Bali, it became a favorite of the kratom community. Bali is most often described as a strong and relaxing body buzz

Malay/Kapuas Hulu: These variants have a unique alkaloid profile as a result of the super fertile soil in the region. Malays are most often described as a light body, blissful, and relaxing kratom

Borneo: Borneo falls somewhere in between Bali and Malay. It is extremely well balanced and has aspects of many of the other variants

Thai: Although Thailand has recently legalized kratom, Thai kratom is also sourced in Borneo like 98% of commercially sold kratom. The name Thai is used to describe an energetic and social kratom that still has a well balanced body load. Thai is said to fall somewhere between Maeng Da and Malay

Kratom Extract Purchasing Guide

5% Mitragynine: Our new 5% is a well balanced extract that leans slightly to the red side of the spectrum.

Platinum Extract [10% Mitragynine]: The platinum extract leans a little further to the red side of the spectrum than the 5%

Green Goddess Extract [10% Mitragynine]: The Green Goddess is a fully balanced broad spectrum green

Jungle Jade [20% Mitragynine]: Jungle Jade is our extract that is the furthest on the red spectrum. It is a deep red, rich in a wide variety of kratom’s alkaloids. It is highly regarded in the kratom community for its strong heavy body relaxation

Emerald Extract [25%+ Mitragynine]: Emerald Extract is our most well balanced green based extract

True Diamond [50%+ Mitragynine]: True Diamond is about the highest concentration of mitragynine while still containing a broad spectrum of alkaloids. Although it has elements of red kratom alkaloids, True Diamond is our most white-like extract other than the Diamond Drops (pure mitragynine)

The Drop Liquid: The drop liquid is a broad spectrum super concentrate. Just one single dropper full is roughly equivalent to 5g of kratom. The Drop is our most Red and Green-like super concentrate

Diamond Drop Liquid: The Diamond Drop is our most premium product. The extract is refined over and over until we have a pure mitragynine isolate. It is difficult to compare pure mitragynine to any kratom color. Diamond Drop is typically said to provide one of the smoothest , happiest, and excited kratom experiences out there. It is said to come on quick and linger more than plain leaf kratom powder. It is no surprise The Diamond Drop is the most popular kratom product used by the All Natural Artisan Team.

DISCLAIMER: This product is NOT used to treat, cure. or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment, and/or condition. Please see the FDA alert 54-15. We make no representations as to intended use or suitability for use. This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Specifically, nickel, arsenic, and lead. For more information please visit . Our products are not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18. We do not ship to the following areas where kratom is banned: ALABAMA, ARKANSAS, INDIANA, RHODE ISLAND, TENNESSEE, VERMONT, WISCONSIN. SARASOTA COUNTY, UNION COUNTY, MALHEUR COUNTY, DENVER CO, SAN DIEGO CA, CITY OF OCEANSIDE CA, JERSEYVILLE IL, ALTON IL, AND COLUMBUS MS. Furthermore, Kratom is also banned in following countries where shipment is not permitted: AUSTRALIA, BURMA, DENMARK, FINLAND, ISRAEL, LITHUANIA, MALAYSIA, MYANMAR, POLAND, ROMANIA, SOUTH KOREA, SWEDEN, THAILAND, UNITED KINGDOM, and VIETNAM