Payment Methods

All Natural Artisan Payment Methods

If by any chance you have any issues with your order, please email us first so we can resolve the issue for you promptly.

Credit Card: We are now accepting credit card payments via waave. For more information please visit

Secure eCheck at Checkout: Same day shipping just like credit/debit on all orders completed by Noon PST. No Paper Check Required. We use the longest running and most secure eChecking service. We have live verification with our own operator, that responds to our questions immediately. The only information required is the same information printed on a standard paper check. Customer has the same recourse as a credit card payment.

New Alternative Payment Options: We are constantly updating our payment methods for your convenience, send us an email for an updated list

Wire Transfer: All wholesale orders above $3,000.00 must be completed via wire transfer. You may send a wire or ACH transfer if you have an order below $3,000 if you prefer, but it is not required

Bitcoin/Crypto/ ALT coins/ Stablecoins,: Send us an email support@allnaturalartisan when you are ready, and we will send a request with the reflecting the price in the current value of BTC (or other coin). If transfer is not made the same day we will have to send an updated request to avoid loss or gain from fluctuation

Bitcoin Lightening Network:  Please let us know you if you prefer to use the bitcoin lightening network, and we will send you a compatible BTC address

Cash, Cashier’s Check, Money Order: Send us an email with your preference, and we will reply with an order form and mailing address