Palo Santo Incense Sticks (4″ Wood Stick)


This is some of the highest quality and most oil rich Palo Santo I have seen available. The aroma is much cleaner than that of Palo Santo cone incense preparations. These sticks tend to burn cleaner and more conveniently than the rectangular blocks. At 4″ x 1/2″, so the burn is easily portable and does not over power the room.

Palo Santo has a long history is indigenous cultures. The powerful masculine energy Palo Santo is said to invoke, has long been an essential tool of the shaman. It’s used in traditional ceremonies or anywhere that “Bad or Malicious Energy” needs to be cleared. Today Palo Santo is widely used as an incense for it’s nuanced and beautiful aroma resembling complex notes of spice and cedar. However, Palo Santo is still a staple in any modern shaman’s tool kit, and can be featured burning proudly in many healing circles and yoga gatherings around the world.

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Palo Santo Quantity

5 Sticks (Approx. 42g-48g), 20 Sticks (Approx 165g), 500g, 1 kg