*Crested, Semi-Displaying, or Non-Displaying* Pachanoi x Pachanoi Monstrose aka TPM (San Pedro Sacred Cacti Hybrid) SHIPPING $5


Main product image is Fully Displaying Crested variant after about 1 year

3″-5″ rooted seedling grown indoors. Please allow 1-3 days processing for live plants. All live plants ship separately from our other products to ensure maximum health upon arrival. Live plant orders will NOT delay the shipment of our other products you may have ordered 🙂

Trichocereus pachanoi, also known as San Pedro or Echinopsis pachanoi

Pachanoi x Pachanoi Monstrose (Reverse cross also available: Pachanoi Monstrose x Pachanoi)

Non-Displaying: This has Trichocereus pachanoi monstrose, aka TPM genetics, and is the faster growing columnar version that may not express monstrose traits

Semi-Displaying: This form of TPM typically looks similar to a brain and eventually a web of connected columns

Crested/Fully Displaying: This is one of the most sought after TPM, aka TPM Cristata. It forms a more crested and geometrical shape.  Crested TPM around 4 year old typically sell for around $500 on ebay and other cacti sources.

Monstrose is a rare mutant variety that is very popular for growing in unique and unpredictable patterns. Every Monstrose is truly a one-of-a-kind, and is prized by many sacred cacti breeders and collectors. Pachanoi (San Pedro), Peruvianus (Peruvian Torch), and Bridgesii (Bolivian Torch) each have several variants.

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Non-Displaying Columnar, Semi-Displaying (Conjoined Columns), Crested Fully Displaying