*Bargain Bin* Super Green Malay/Red Bali from Artisan Challenge


We decided to offer the remainders of the Artisan Challenge at a discount in case it helps those out there who may be struggling due to the crisis

All products have passed microbial analysis from an accredited third party laboratory. All kratom products were grown free of chemical fertilizers with all leaves dried in a specified drying facility to prevent mold and/or animal contamination. This product is free of irradiation, chemical sterilization, and light beam sanitization as to not disturb the natural color. This makes for an ideal product for quantitative analysis, or creating a kratom soap or salve with a brilliant hue of green or red.



For use as a botanical specimen only. Mitragyna speciosa is an unapproved dietary ingredient. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. The statements on have not been evaluated by the FDA. Sorry, No shipping to Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, San Diego and Sarasota County, Orders that violate our terms and conditions will be cancelled. 18+, TN 21+

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Super Green Malay (Supplier:AND1) 25g, Super Green Malay (Supplier: AND1) 100g, Red Bali (Supplier: AND1) 25g, Red Bali (Supplier: AND1) 100g, Super Green Malay (Supplier: JUL2) 25g, Super Green Malay (Supplier: JUL2) 100g, Red Bentuangie (Supplier: JUL2) 25g, Red Bentuangie (Supplier: JUL2) 100g